Fertility Reflexology

Fertility reflexology South Hams

Fertility Reflexology

Stress is a complex condition that affects most parts of the body in some way and there is some evidence to suggest it can affect fertility. If you are trying to conceive, reflexology can support you and your partner through what can be a very stressful period of your life.

Many of my clients who have received a diagnosis of unexplained fertility have experienced great frustration with no clear way forward.  Many say that the benefits of reflexology are that it can help you feel as if you are still moving forward. Having reflexology will provide you with relaxation and stress reduction which in itself is beneficial for conception. If you are going into IVF, my sessions will help guide you through and I will work with you each step of the way amending your treatment plan and reflex points to correlate with your cycle and hormonal changes. My sessions will give you a moment of calm. I am there to lean on, offer advice and lend another supportive ear.

I offer Fertility Reflexology at The Haven in Ashburton, South Devon, or can arrange a home visit appointment at your home in the area, including Ashburton, Totnes, Kingsbridge and other locations within South Hams.

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