Holistic Massage

Benefits of holistic massage
Holistic massage

The benefits of massage are well known. A massage can have a positive effect on a person’s wellbeing, relaxing both the mind and the muscles.  By relaxing and stretching the muscles, massage can help to reduce any pain or tightness you may feel as well as releasing endorphins, calming the mind and lifting the spirit. It can also have a beneficial effect on joint mobility and promote the circulation and movement of blood and lymph fluid.

My holistic massage sessions aim to treat the individual as a whole. During my sessions I will choose a massage that is specifically tailored for you taking into account your physical and emotional state. I apply a range of massage techniques including soft tissue release, deep tissue and neuro-muscular techniques.  Each massage is delivered with care and compassion working with your body to give you relief from any muscular pain and leaving you with a sense of deep relaxation.  At your request, I am also able to combine your massage treatment with reflexology techniques.