Spinal Reflexology

spinal reflexology Hackney
Spinal reflexology Ashburton Devon

Spinal reflexology is a powerful form of treatment that is based on stimulating the spinal reflexes on the feet. During my sessions I will stimulate each vertebrae reflex with the aim of identifying any nerve roots which are out of balance and helping them to open up.  It is a great way to work non-invasively on the spine to help reduce tension and to improve overall well-being.

I like to plan the treatment for spinal reflexology in advance of the session itself. This gives me time to analyse fully what you need and to ensure the treatment will be beneficial to you. I am able to offer specific spinal reflexology sessions or it can be integrated into your normal reflexology session. I offer Spinal Reflexology at The Haven in Ashburton, South Devon.

Benefits of spinal reflexology